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Forest & Library Parking Lots
Burlington Ave. between Main St. & Forest Ave.

Rain or shine music plays all day & night!  Covered stage and large tents!
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Downers Grove

The 10th Annual


Live music, Kids Zone, Authentic Oktoberfest Fare

in a Traditional German atmosphere!

Questions about Sponsorships?
For Questions & Further Details About Oktoberfest 2023
To Volunteer for Oktoberfest
Click this link - OKTOBERFEST VOLUNTEER 2023

* PLEASE NOTE: If you are volunteering for this event, we require you to be there for the entire allotted time on the schedule.

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The Education Foundation of Downers Grove District 58 is proud to present our "10th Annual Oktoberfest '' Located in Historic Downtown Downers Grove.  The Education Foundation of Downer Grove District 58 is a Non-For-Profit donates 100% of the proceeds directly to the District 58 Schools in Downers Grove.

For more information refer to our website:
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