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Tickets are required for this event.  You can pre-purchase tickets online through the Oktoberfest website:  Tickets can be purchased at the Main Entrance the day of the event; however, we do not guarantee tickets will be available the day of if we are at the event capacity as required by the Village of Downers Grove.

Police and Private Security:

Downers Grove Police Officers and Private Security are hired for this event, it is at their sole discretion that you are allowed to enter the event or asked to leave the event.

ID Required:

Photo ID is required to enter the festival for ALL adults over the age of 18, no exceptions.

Age Requirement:

ALL Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a paying Adult. 


Parking is located on most streets in Downtown Downers Grove; please follow the parking signs and restrictions as posted by the Village of Downers Grove.

Public Parking Garage:

Located at 5159 Mochel Drive, Downers Grove, IL  60515.  Parking is free to the public, please note the restricted areas, days and times as violators will be towed.

Medical Assistance:

First Aid Stations and Trained Providers are located at the Main Entrance and Back Stage.  If you have a medical situation, please seek an Oktoberfest Staff Member, Police Officer or Security Guard for assistance; they will get you to the proper medical attention.

Handicap Assistance:

We offer a handicap assistance program.  Please email, prior to the Oktoberfest, if you have specific assistance needs.


Specifically Dogs & Cats only, are allowed if they are collared and leashed.  If we receive a complaint about your pet, you may be asked to take the pet home.  If you have a special needs pet, please have the proper papers with you, if requested.

Guns, Firearms, Knifes or Weapons are NOT Allowed:

Under Illinois law, a CCL holder who carries a concealed firearm or weapon into a prohibited location commits (on the first offense) a Class B misdemeanor.

Lawn Chairs:

You are allowed to bring lawn chairs to the event, they may be used in open areas.  They are not allowed under any Tented areas, in the Kids Zone,  VIP Lounge, nor in or near the Ticketing, Food & Beverage areas.

Not allowed:

Skate Boards, Scooters, Roller Blades, Skates and Bicycles are NOT allowed; unless needed for handicap assistance.

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